5 Reasons You Need a Will

  1. If you die unmarried and without children, a will is needed to avoid disputes among your heirs and, occasionally, to prevent your assets from escheating to the State.
  2. If you die with children or a spouse, a will is needed to ensure that your heirs don’t fight over who is going to be your personal administrator.  Also, a will enables you to disinherit heirs who have proved themselves undeserving of your largess.
  3. If you want to tell anybody anything concerning the disposition of your assets after you die, you must have a will.  A living trust does not do this as it deals with assets owned by the trust and not with your assets.
  4. A will can save on probate costs if it authorizes your Personal Administrator to administer your estate under Nevada’s Independent Administration of Estates Act (NRS 143.300 et. seq.).
  5. Unlike most living trusts, a will preserves your right to have a guardianship court determine, after notice and a hearing, when you have become unable to handle your person or affairs.