Discussion Drafts

Excepting perhaps the Durable Power for Health Care Decisions, which is intended for use by lay persons, these forms should not be used without our input. They have one purpose and that is reduce a client’s legal expense by facilitating the information gathering process. Much of the time involved in, say, preparing a will, is involved in simply gathering information… of spouse, kids, dates of birth, etc. If the client has looked at a form and gathered the information necessary to complete it before meeting with counsel, the meeting will likely be much more efficient. For these reasons, no effort has been made to keep these forms up-to-date or insure their accuracy. To use these forms “as-is” is fraught with unnecessary danger and risk. You do so at your own risk.

1 Business and Ranch bankruptcies

2 Preparing for Death or Disability

Cautionary Note.  A Nevada probate court will often review transfers at less than market value to beneficiaries via a living trust, will, deed upon death and the like to make sure the transfer was not the product of some kind of funny business, such as fraud, undue influence or the like.  If the transfer, other than to a spouse, is to a caregiver, or to a person who drafted or assisted in the drafting of the transfer document, or a relative of such person, there is a presumption that the transfer is void.  Sometimes, having the transfer document reviewed by an independent attorney will save it.

  • Certificate Independent Review – link missing
2.1 Wills
2.2 Living Trusts
2.3 Health
2.4 Death Deeds

3 Real Estate

3.1 Homestead
3.2 Conveyancing
3.3 Miscellaneous

Numerous other important forms can be found on the Nevada Real Estate Division’s website

4 Business

4.1 Corporations
4.2 Limited Liability Companies
4.3 Uniform Commercial Code
4.4 Trademarks, etc.

5 Miscellaneous