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Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care from White Law Chartered (WLC)

Most of us will die someday. Someone said that this is true for all of us. Though it is possible that one of us will prove an exception, fact-checkers have yet to find any such person during the past century or two. If you think you are an exception to this rule, no need to read further.

AND, not only are we going to die, but many, often most, of us have some level of unconsciousness during our last illness, or following some terrible and (eventually) fatal “accident.” If so, during that time we simply can’t tell the doctor or family members what we want. Do we want to become another Terri Schiavo and linger on for years while unconscious, being fed from a tube, getting hydration from a tube? Some do. Some don’t.

Nevada has developed a statutory form living will designed to deal with this situation….designed to allow you to now, while you have your senses about you, tell everyone what you want to happen in the unfortunate event where you are unconscious and not expected to live on your own. That statutory form(s) can be found on this website, under “Forms.” You can print it out if you want, fill it out and bring it in, in which event John White or a member of his staff will check it to make sure you did it right, or you can just come in and pick up the forms (two forms are needed if you initial paragraphs 2 or 3 on page 3) and fill them out. Mr. White or a staff member will go over the completed forms with you and then have you sign before a notary public. WLC will then give you the Secretary of State’s form which you will need if you decide to have your living will uploaded to the Living Will Lock Box. Doing this will allow out-of-area hospitals to get your living will in the event, say, you have a bad fall off the Empire State Building.

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